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The Genie Rats

An evergrowing team that wants to contribute to our society by digitally gamifying the real world.

Our Mission

We plan to revolutionize the concept of entertainment and community engagement by providing an immersive experience using exciting challenges.

What are challenges?

We want to motivate people and have common goals. Let's make ourselves and the world better. To achieve this goal, we put up challenges on our website.

How to participate?

The process is quite straight forward. Here's how you do it:

  • Make a YouTube short, TikTok or Instagram reel that proves you completed the challenge
  • Login and paste your video link into this form
  • Earn cheese everytime your video gets likes
  • Give cheese to your rat that grows in level, if you feed it enough

We recommend using the hashtag #ratquest or mention us @TheGenieRats in your video title / description.

more participants = more upvotes

TheGenieRats Roadmap

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TheGenieRats Challenge

Active Challenge:

Read a fragment from your favorite book/magazine/comic/manga.